A Distinctly Christian Approach to Counseling Services

We know that finding the right counselor to help facilitate you reaching your spiritual/mental health goals can be a rather daunting task. As a Christ-based counseling service, our desire and joy is to contribute to the welfare of our clients by guiding them toward greater personal fulfillment.

The purpose and goal of our counseling is to help affect change in our clients’ thoughts, (which include core beliefs and lies you might believe about yourself, others, life, and God), feelings, and behaviors which will enable you to live a more productive and satisfying life in relation to God, self, others and life in general.

Robert S. ‘Biff’ Hagstrom, Jr., MS, LCPC, NCC

Brenda Dianne Hagstrom, Pastoral Counselor

We specialize in: Individual, Marriage, Stepfamily counseling. Dealing With: Anger, Grief, Loss, Crisis, Physical & Sexual Abuse, Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, Various Addiction Issues, Obsessions, Compulsions, & Other Common Disorders.

In Addition, Our Counseling Includes: Spiritual Direction & Personal Prayer Therapy Practioner

We are members of the Stepfamily Foundation, Inc. Charter Members of the American Association of Christian Counselors and have over 25 years of experience.

Our Counseling Services

Christos Therapy takes a distinctly Christian approach to counseling services. We offer:

  • Professional and Pastoral/Biblical counseling

  • Individual & marriage counseling/enrichment.

  • Step family & step-relationship counseling.

  • Co-dependency & toxic relationship counseling.

  • Anger, stress management, crisis, & grief counseling.

  • Depression, anxiety, & other medically recognized disorders.

  • Spiritual direction & Christian mentoring.

  • We offer healing prayer therapy for all our clients as a normal and regular part of our counseling services.

  • A referral service for psychological testing and psychiatric evaluations.

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A Distinctly Christian Approach to Counseling Services


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